Museum of Fine Arts Houston – “Seeing Is Not Believing” by Leandro Erlich

The Seeing Is Not Believing Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston featured two installations by conceptual artist Leandro Erlich known for visual paradoxes and optical illusions that force you to question your perception of reality. Located in the Caroline Weiss Law Building, these immersive room-size environments and a selection of additional works seem to defy the basic laws of physics.  The Bâtiment (Façade) exhibit is an immersing interactive display that required a complex truss structure design.   The MFAH exhibit truss structure design was engineered and deployed by our in house structural truss experts.

MFAH Exhibit Truss Structure Design

LD Systems completed the museum exhibit truss structure design and supporting rigging providing a safe and sound structural solution to compliment the exhibit’s seamless integrated features.  Our in-house event production truss structures team worked directly with the museum organizers and the artist installation team to meticulously arrange and assemble the complete set of truss hardware.  During the design phase, LD Systems also supplied material logistics and construction teams to build the exhibit structure.  The LD Systems equipment rigging team deployed the truss structure and ceiling rigging to exact angular specifications ensuring the entire exhibit fit perfectly in the museum space provided.  The end result was a marvelous museum exhibit that patrons enjoyed for over two months.

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