NCAA March Madness Music Festival Event Production Services

The NCAA Men’s Final Four brings much more than college basketball’s best teams to compete in the spring. The tournament takes place yearly in different major cities across The United States. LD Systems provided March Madness Music Festival event production services for the national event  and technical expertise supporting city wide areas occasionally covering an entire square miles of a given metropolis.

Music Festival Live Sound, Stage Lighting and Truss Structures

Our event production services for the festival included designing several custom truss structures with lighting treatments for different sites and alternate locations including tailgate events. The LD Systems live sound team deploys our L-Acoustics K1/K2 sound system in support of the music festival concert stage.  Our stage lighting design team deploys stunning lighting designs for the stage and elaborate scenic area lighting to enhance the overall site appearance for festival patrons and television broadcasting. We also have provided scenic lighting for outdoor buildings and deploy truss structures for  significant areas of interest in each city location.

Event Production Services Projects

Second Baptist Church Musical
Event Production