Austin City Limits Music Festival Event Production Services Audio and Lighting

The Austin City Limits Music Festival produced by C3 Presents takes place annually at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas for two consecutive three day weekends in early October.  LD Systems provides The Austin City Limits Music Festival event production services including live sound systems and stage lighting rigs for both The American Express and Honda main stages. The pre-production process involves LD Systems providing stage lighting design, audio sound coverage analysis, rigging schematics, and equipment logistics.  Our highly experienced stage crews and engineers provide audio and lighting technical support onsite from equipment load in through each artist performance over the entirety of the festival.

Music Festival Live Sound System

LD Systems deploys L-Acoustics sound equipment for live sound reproduction at the main stages.   Because of its incredible throw capability and high fidelity sound quality, our audio engineers build a uniquely designed L-Acoustics (K1, K2, K1SB, KS28, SB28, KARA, 115xt HiQ, 108p, LA RAK II, LA8, LA 12x) audio configuration for each stage including main PA, audio delay towers, amplifier racks and provide front of house Digico (SD10 and SD 12) audio control consoles.   We deploy over 150 speaker enclosures, over 100 subwoofers and over 120 power amplifiers to meet the festival’s sound evenly distributed audio requirements.  This large sound system is technically managed by our onsite crews and offers a familiar and complete live sound support package for each performing artist and their professional touring teams.

Music Festival Stage Lighting

LD Systems lighting designers have an amazing amount of equipment to manage when supporting stage lighting for concert main stages.  Our stage lighting services encompasses truss layouts and lighting fixture placement that creates dynamic audience experiences as well as providing utility functions for onstage crews as lighting rigs change throughout the event.  This multi dimensional approach gives each artist a fresh canvas to creatively tailor their individual performances.  Our lighting technicians deploy over 520 feet of Tyler GT Truss, hang over 200 LED moving lights, LED strobes and static LED fixtures from Martin, Robe, Clay Paky, High End Systems, Vari-Lite, Chauvet Lighting and German Light Products. We design an expansive Luminex ethernet control communications network linking MA Lighting GrandMA2 full sized lighting consoles to augment and assist with control for incoming lighting crews as each on stage performance changes throughout the festival.

LD Systems Multi-Stage Music Festival Production Solutions

LD Systems’ affiliation with The Austin City Limits Music Festival goes back to the very first live event in 2002.  We are proud to be supporting one of the nation’s most iconic music industry brands and destination city for live music over the decades.  Our superior equipment and experienced crew members provide the most reliable production services for large live events and ensure continued event success.  We are delighted to help make memorable festival experiences for Austin City Limits fans around the world.

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