Smart Financial Centre Theater Sound System Integration

The Smart Financial Centre theater sound system in Sugar Land uses a high fidelity L-Acoustics audio components designed by consultant Scott Bray of Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams, Inc.  (WJHW) and bid-spec was completed by LD Systems. The venue is an $84 million landmark in the City of Sugar Land hosting concerts, theater and premium live event performances.

A destination theater attraction with amazing live sound

L-Acoustics K2 enclosures make up the left and right array hangs, with SB28 subs flown behind each of those arrays.  The center cluster is comprised of Kara enclosures and Kara delay arrays suspend over the balcony. A Kara front fill system is installed along the downstage lip for front fill. All of these speaker enclosures are powered by LA8 and LA4X amplifiers in LA-RAK racks.

The WJHW design calibrated the sound system to compliment moveable walls, curtains and three different seating configurations.  The delay speaker arrays are position variable moving using chain hoists with simple preset push button controls.  The high quality products and services that LD Systems, WJHW and L’Acoustics bring to theater sound systems make the venue a great destination attraction for artists and patrons.

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