The Science of Elevating Live Performance

In perhaps no other type of environment is a high quality audio video equipment system more important than the live performance venue. Patrons of the arts have a discerning ear and LD Systems understands the demands of the theatrical audience. We also understand the necessity for optimal viewing experiences and provide excellent video projection and LED screen options. Many venues are historical buildings with strict regulations regarding modifications and in such instances LD Systems has the knowledge and experience to use the latest technology innovations without compromising the architectural beauty inherent in these glorious buildings and surroundings. We also have extensive work experience in modern day theaters, pavilions, performance centers and auditoriums.

Performance Venue Expertise

In no other environment is quality sound as critical as it is in today’s modern concert halls. The acoustics of any hall, as perceived by a member of the audience, consist of three factors: volume, equalization, and reverberation. The team a LD Systems understands the science of sound and has a proven history of bringing performance venues to life, creating memorable experiences for audiences.

Live theater audio should sound as if it is only coming from the performers, not the speakers. This requires an intimate knowledge of acoustics, sound amplification and system design. LD Systems has the expertise to create an the perfect audio system for your theater. Our expertise in integrated sound, light and video systems allows us to further enhance the capabilities of your venue.

The lack of control over the ambient atmosphere, open air spaces and large spacious areas makes outdoor venues uniquely challenging for sound, light and video. At LD Systems we have been overcoming these challenges for decades, not only building exceptional audio video equipment systems, but in many cases creating new solutions.

The professionals at LD Systems are skilled at analyzing the acoustical challenges of an auditorium and developing systems that deliver exceptional fidelity for both speech and music.