Woodlands Pavilion Outdoor Digital Signage Marquee

The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion previously installed a series of pavilion outdoor digital signage LED displays to visually communicate information to commonly used public areas around the pavilion campus.   A large high visibility marquee display located above a busy public traffic area is a crucial part of marketing upcoming events and offering informative information to the public.

Marquee LED Video Signage Upgrade

The LD Systems design-build integration division removed and replaced the old video display equipment upgrading to a weatherproof high resolution Absen LED video screen that improves viewing angles, focal distance and daytime brightness. The new marquee integration consists of independently controlled, vertically stacked video screens distributing of customized content.

Outdoor Digital Signage Control

The marquee displays are supported by two BrightSign digital signage players housed in an outdoor rated, air conditioned rack.  A wireless control network connection is established to the headquarters offices using wireless beamforming equipment and high-gain directional antennas.   The digital signage content is remote user updated in real time and can also be scheduled in advance in advance using a simple computer interface.

Systems Integration Projects