Star Furniture Video Projection Integration

Star Furniture is ranked among the five largest furniture companies in North America with over 100 years of retail history and several store locations in Texas. LD Systems collaborated with Star Furniture to design build and install a new high resolution large format projection display and integrated audio system at the Barker Spring location in Houston, Texas. The audiovisual integration project goal was to provide a virtual, ultra-wide blended display that would draw attention to the sales floor and support sales representatives delivering dynamic customer presentations.

Ultra Wide HD Video Projection with Directional Audio

Our AV systems integration engineers proposed a unique multimedia solution that would include Panasonic laser-based projectors, BrightSign digital signage players, Apple TV and Atlas ceiling speakers using multi channel directional audio that supports motion video with enhanced sound design. The projection equipment utilizes short throw lenses that allow for recess mounting in the ceiling very close to the projection surface. The wall is evenly coated with projector screen paint from edge to edge for a seamless video blended image that becomes a visually striking part of the room’s environment.

Wireless control of the video wall is obtained using a mobile iPad device and presentation picture in picture video layering can be achieved using Apple TV’s internet streaming capabilities. A custom designed AV rack contains the multimedia control equipment for digital content management. The entire AV system is easily scalable for future expansion.

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