St. Laurence Catholic Church Audio System Integration

The new St. Laurence Catholic Church audio system integration offers great sound and complete sanctuary coverage. The visually striking sanctuary contains smooth sound reflective glass and stone surfaces opening the potential for multi directional sound problems and unwanted echoing. LD Systems integration services worked with audio design experts to deliver a sound solution.  Discreet acoustical treatments were designed to absorb sound reflections and deployed in designated chapel areas.  The acoustical modifications were combined with a precision-calibrated Meyer Sound system to provide improved sound coverage, clarity and a greater sense intimacy for church service leaders.

Precision Calibrated Audio for Worship

The full range speaker system is anchored by two center arrays of Meyer Sound M1D line array loudspeakers with seven cabinets each. A single M1D-Sub sub woofer is placed atop the main array at the rear and two M1D-Sub sub woofers are positioned over the delayed array at the front. Also included are MM4 front fills, Meyer CQ and UPM speakers, and a Yamaha M7CL console. A BSS DSP processor provides signal distribution and processing throughout the sanctuary and peripheral speaker systems. All main system loudspeakers are precisely timed by a Galileo loudspeaker management system. The Meyer Sound system also provides reinforcement for a wide variety of music styles, including a simple cantor and pianist, an up-tempo celebration with full rhythm section, and a large choir. St. Laurence Catholic Church audio system is another example of LD Systems installation services perfectly suited for houses of worship integration and leading audio design consultants.

Customer Comments:

Mary Thompson – St. Laurence Catholic Church Music Director
“The system picks up everything, the sound with music has been superb, and the spoken word is crystal clear.”

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