Texas A&M University Kyle Field Stadium Sound System Integration

Home to the Texas A&M University Aggie Football Team since 1904, Kyle Field has grown to become the largest stadium in Texas capable of holding over 100,000 fans. Texas A&M Athletics contracted LD Systems to design a Kyle Field stadium sound system solution for the premium spectator suites in the stadium and integrate new audio technology into the main control rooms and production studio areas. LD Systems has been the go to sound system integrator for stadiums and sports arenas throughout the state and has established a long history of service excellence supporting large audio system improvement projects.

Stadium Distributed Sound System Improvements

Audio improvements consisted of 238 QSC AD-S32T low profile speakers in clusters and 18 Renkus Heinz TRX82 speakers, all ceiling surface mounted. Existing digital system processing was configured to incorporate new Crown DCI amplifiers retaining compatibility with the existing control system. A new Yamaha CL3 digital mixing console and Yamaha RIO3224 IO were installed in the stadium control room and new fiber based networking was integrate to provide true redundancy for the audio network. Dell Servers were added to replace the existing control computers and the control room patch bay layout was also redesigned and improved.

The LD Systems design-build team devised a portable rolling audio mixer suite complete with a Yamaha CL1 digital mixing console, Tascam CD-500B and an onboard uninterrupted power supply. This portable audio mixing position also includes a redundant fiber network configuration.   Sennheiser ME66 microphones were provided to supporting the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band for their on-field performances. The stadium AMX user interface wall mounted touch screen control system was reprogrammed to eliminate existing issues and LD Systems Integration Team provided hands on training for personnel and SLA support for the sound system.

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