Freeman Coliseum Sound System Integration

Originally built in 1949, San Antonio’s Freeman Coliseum has hosted everything from rodeos, boxing and hockey to expositions, circuses and concerts over the years. Completing a multi-year initiative to update the venue included the addition of a new L-Acoustics ARCS FOCUS arena sound system installation.

Following a careful evaluation of the 11,700 capacity arena’s needs, the LD Systems design-build integration team worked closely with the L-Acoustics expert applications team to ultimately specify a system comprised of forty ARCS FOCUS enclosures paired with sixteen SB18i sub enclosures in an eight array configuration. The speakers are powered and processed by a combined total of eight amplified controllers. Two LA4 amplifiers drive the bottom ARCS FOCUS enclosures on each array and six LA8 amplifiers power both the subs and upper four ARCS FOCUS cabinets grouped in pairs to cover the main seating. Walking the entire venue and measures an incredibly consistent 108 dB of coverage throughout the seating with almost no fluctuation.

Freeman Coliseum Executive Director Derrick Howard explained “Once the LD Systems team had performed the sound system installation, I brought in someof my favorite music test tracks and the sound is absolutely spectacular.”

Although the new system will frequently be called upon to provide speech reinforcement for graduation ceremonies, corporate functions and other similar events, Howard adds that LD Systems’ exemplary sound integrations will certainly appeal to musical acts coming into the venue. “We feel that this system really helps gives us an advantage in attracting top musical artists passing through San Antonio to perform here at the Freeman Coliseum.”

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