Flotek Industries Audio Video Systems Integration

LD Systems in conjunction with a graphic content creator has completed Flotek Industries audio video systems integration design and construction including a large format company presentation walk through tunnel and corporate meeting command center at a new Houston corporate facility.

Visual Product Corporate Presentation Media Hall

The entryway to the media hall contains rock-shaped environment speakers playing immersive sounds of nature as visitors prepare to enter the media tunnel. LD Systems commercial AV systems deisgners created a media tunnel audio visual system consisting of blended laser projector positions to create a 190 foot long, continuous immersive video presentation throughout the entire length of the tunnel leading to the Flotek Forum Command Center meeting space. Audio speakers suspended above the tunnel ceiling provide multiple channels of audio synchronized to the video presentation. Wireless control is provided by a simple, easy to use iPad interface and motion sensors initiate the media presentation when visitors enter the tunnel.

Audio Visual Collaboration Center

After visitors travel through the media tunnel they arrive at the Flotek Forum Command Center. The Forum supports company presentations, educational meetings, full-scale video conferencing, integrated audio conferencing and supports remote collaboration. Three large LED displays recessed in the ceiling are lowered with motorized lifts and speakers are hidden behind the ceiling clouds. A custom designed podium in the command center houses a Crestron System control, Apple iPad and direct connections for mobile computers. The bi-directional audio system enables communication with personnel on the Flotek laboratory below the Forum. PTZ camera feeds covering the laboratory floor can be displayed on any of the LED displays in the Forum along with a series of ceiling security cameras that trigger camera and lighting presets based on the position of the working scientists. A series of specially placed LED lights integrated in the furniture and walls activate when presentations addresses specific individuals in the Forum.

LD Systems provides corporations with industry leading systems integration solutions including digital video projection, corporate facility audio and audio visual system control options delivering high quality AV systems and ensuring complete client satisfaction.

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