Daikin Sustainability and Innovation Center Video System Integration

Daikin provides a wide range of air conditioning products and HVAC solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Aiming to help solve social and community problems and grow business, Daikin is known for its focus on energy efficiency, advanced technology, and environmental sustainability. LD Systems completed the design build integration of a new Daikin showroom video system at their Washington DC corporate office lobby. This initiative showcases Daikin’s dedication to providing an immersive and engaging experience for visitors, highlighting their innovative products and solutions in a visually appealing manner.

Showroom LED Video Screen

As guests enter the lobby showroom they will find a large format Absen HD video screen spanning twenty six feet wide.  The ultra wide video screen outputs high resolution video content utilizing a stunning 1.89mm pixel pitch LED cluster creating smooth and fine video details a close viewing distances.

Digital Signage With Media Zones

The technology showcase theater contains several technology zones that independently operate digital signage video displays and overhead audio speakers.  Each lobby area is distributing informative audio visual content featuring specific technologies developed by Daikin.  Brightsign digital signage players and media control computer systems developed by Softway are used to manage audio and video content throughout the showroom zones.   A Creston wall control panel gives Daikin representatives a showroom audio visual management interface.

Video Conferencing System Integration

A video conferencing option was integrated adjoining the sustainability and innovation showroom using a Q-SYS PTZ camera, Shure microphones and audio speakers to allow for video conferencing and immersive engagement of conferencing participants.  Rack mounted AV equipment and digital signal processing is installed in an IT control room with connecting conduit and cable path designed by our systems integration engineers.