Buffalo Bayou Park Outdoor Stage Sound System and Lighting Truss

The Buffalo Bayou Partnership is the organization managing and revitalizing Houston’s Buffalo Bayou Park and waterfront.  Many Park improvements have been from the culmination of a multi-year master plan balancing conservation and creating projects that serve the city of Houston. In addition to visitor tours, public trails and green spaces the park hosts public events that require stage ready live sound and lighting.  Our systems integration department designed the Buffalo Bayou Park outdoor stage system integration to support park events for years to come.

Outdoor Stage Sound System

The park’s pavilion style outdoor stage required a sound system permanently integrated into the overhead roof structure.  Additionally, lighting trusses were positioned upstage and downstage with hoist motors.  JBL Professional speaker arrays are positioned left and right utilizing the structures architecture.  JBL stage monitors, Crown Audio amplifiers, BSS Audio digital input/output cards, Shure wireless microphones and a Yamaha Audio QL5 were packaged for portability onsite.

Outdoor Event Lighting Trusses

Two lighting trusses spanning the downstage and upstage areas were installed with hoist motors.  The Global Truss lighting trusses contain Chavet and Elation LED lighting fixtures all designed for an outdoor event lighting environment.   Lighting control is provided using a MA Lighting GrandMA lighting console providing for programming creative atmospheres for each unique event.

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