From Fortune 100 Companies to Local Offices

ISN logo-member-contractorMore and more organizations are focusing on audio and video conferencing and other innovative collaboration environments. LD Systems is a one stop solution for all of your audio video equipment needs for office communication and presentation technology. Sharing data, collaborating with peers, or easily displaying information and messages company-wide are just a few examples of how today’s displays and video projectors can advance your organization.

Whether your need is video conferencing, presentation control, or distributed media, LD Systems can help your organization increase productivity and improve communications throughout the corporate landscape.

Our integrated approach streamlines the process of audio video equipment design, product procurement, installation, and custom control solutions to ensure a sophisticated environment that is both powerful and user friendly.

Corporate Facilities Expertise

Houston, Texas is recognized worldwide for its broad industry exposure and LD Systems is fortunate to have installed hundreds of collaboration and conferencing facilities for Fortune 100 companies. We specialize in video conferencing management solutions and are very experienced at connecting people around the globe using state of the art conferencing technology.

LD Systems has the resources and talent to ensure a successful corporate event, or help you deliver a powerful presentation. We can help you analyze the venue, determine the most effective sound light and video solutions and even manage the production logistics for you.

Our products include installing and configuring distributed displays in common areas, large multi display video wall, common use facilities, command and control centers, and conventional conference rooms. Video distribution is a key component for corporate environments, LD Systems helps businesses increase productivity, collaborate in groups, and share video over networks.

Our integrated audio video equipment systems allow the world’s oil, gas and energy companies to share audio, video and data over high speed networks, offering seamless communications, real time monitoring and global conferencing. High resolution displays help with the accuracy of data interpretation. Video conferencing provides face-to-face virtual meeting environments and real time data sharing, bridging the gap between onshore and offshore teams.