The Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, NV now commands the attention of all eyes on the Las Vegas strip. Thanks in part to the permanent outdoor projection video system installation engineered by LD Systems’ Systems Integration Team, the Tropicana Hotel now stands apart from all other hotel properties in the vicinity.

Multiple  video projectors were deployed to project perceived 3D content onto the building’s massive exterior bringing the structure’s facade to life adding a new dimension to this Las Vegas landmark.

The display is one of the largest permanent projection video system installations in the United States of America. LD Systems utilized Hippotizer media servers with a combination of special effects and improved projection techniques to achieve amazing visual effects all of which is visible for miles around the city. This amazing project is the only one of its kind throughout the nation and sets a new standard for using technology and media to generate and improve brand recognition.

LD Systems designed and deployed the projector video system installation, media servers, and programmed the final effects sequence. Texas Video & Post created the 3D content. Thanks to Las Vegas Mob Experience, Eagle Group Holdings, Eagle Group Marketing, and of course Tropicana. Content playback via Green Hippo Grasshopper.`