The Harvest Worship Center Audio System at The Woodlands United Methodist Church

The Harvest Worship Center audio system at The Woodlands United Methodist Church campus offers a modern audio reproduction system to support the contemporary and relaxed style of worship at the center. LD Systems was chosen as the sound system integration contractor, working with Idibri – Salas Obrien, L-Acoustics, and The Woodlands United Methodist Church.

The sound system integration includes flown and floor supported L-Acoustics speakers. The flown speaker system features Kara line arrays, 12XTi fill cabinets, and SB28 subwoofers. The floor supported speaker system includes SB15 subwoofers and 5XT front fill boxes installed by LD Systems. Amplification is handled by L-Acoustics LA8 and LA4x amplifiers.

Front of house features a Digico SD8 Digital Mixing Console and Shure ULX-D Wireless receivers. BSS Audio and L-Acoustics handle audio processing and routing. Distributed audio is provided for the lobby and backstage areas.

The LD Systems bid-spec division ensured the audio reproduced exceeds the demands of contemporary worship leaders, delivering an awesome audio experience for the worship community at the Harvest Worship Center.