Project Description

Integrated Audio, Video & Data Systems for The World’s Offshore Facilities

LD Systems has worked with dozens of offshore facilities, semi-submersible drilling rigs, and production platforms to design and install their AV Systems integration assets. Our specialties and extensive knowledge of the Oil Gas and Energy Industry AV Systems allow energy companies to rely on LD Systems leading the way in areas of audio, video, collaboration and control infrastructure.

Most of our corporate facility AV Systems share audio, video and data over high speed networks and allow direct instant communication on a global scale. The increase in productivity, seamless communications, real time monitoring and local conferencing systems help our clients to retain their competitive edge. High resolution displays help with the accuracy of subsea data interpretation, video conferencing provides face-to-face virtual meeting environments and real time data sharing. Many of our AV Systems technologies are aimed at bridging the gap between onshore and offshore teams.

LD Systems has initiated our own internal safety campaigns and we proudly adhere to safety standards required throughout the Oil, Gas and Energy industry. We have specialty qualified and compliance trained staff that have years of experience working in installing AV Systems in offshore environments.