Kicking off 2014, LD Systems produced a showcase of event production equipment and services on Wednesday January 22nd at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio. This event was the first of its type for LD Systems and probably the first event of its type in San Antonio. With the assistance of L’Acoustics, SSL, Freeman Coliseum, Quest Drape & RK Group catering, LD Systems created a product rich environment that immersed the participant in a myriad of event production possibilities.

Fully functional product displays included a 2 ½ hour L’Acoustics K1 range product seminar, an SSL Live interactive console display, a live 3D architectural video mapping display and a hands on LED & moving light technology display. Also featured, were the Systems Integration installation display, including a live display of the L’Acoustics Arc system installed by LD Systems into the Freeman Coliseum, a hard-to-miss rigging & structures display, a remote camera & advanced video technology display, as well as, a facilities display from Freeman Coliseum & a decorative options display by Quest Drape.

Approximately 100 participants joined us through the afternoon to learn about LD Systems products and services and to partake in a little Texas hospitality and fellowship. Great stories were shared and knowledge & feedback was imparted. A terrific success for LD Systems due to the LD Team, our LD partners and our valued client base.