LD Systems Continues To Grow Our German Lighting Products Inventory Adding More impression X4, JDC1, impression X4 Bar 20 and X4 Bar 10 Lighting Fixtures

LD Systems has specified over 300 GLP fixtures, comprising (140) impression X4, (70) JDC1, (108) impression X4 Bar 20 and (16) X4 Bar 10 to support the new RodeoHouston concert performance stage. The new stage measures a massive 125 feet across, from star tip to star tip, and the revolve is 48 feet in diameter. The stage height is seven feet and the dynamic video back wall with lighting is 28 feet high above the stage deck spanning 56 feet wide. The entire stage weighs in at 350,000 lbs and supports no fewer than 434 lighting fixtures.

LD Systems lighting designers deployed a stadium wide arrangement of moving lights creating spectacular displays in combination with HD video content displayed on high-resolution 5mm and 7mm LED video walls arranged to provide an immersive video experience for every audience member. LD Systems has been using GLP products dating back to the impression X4, which they invested in shortly after it was released. The X4 Bars create an outline of the star-shaped stage all the way around that was creatively designed with the Bars in mind so when tilted towards the stage they can light up the deck. On the backdrop, there are 14 vertical rows of X4’s, each 10 high. Inside the towers that make up the backdrop are the JDC1’s, set in seven vertical rows, each 10 high.

GLP’s new generation products are very appealing because of their variety of application options, all the dynamic effects tools they provide and the trust in the brand for performance and reliability. GLP products provide stunning results and are truly boundless creative tools.