This was a massive undertaking that included a 3D mapping projection system, an audio system, and all rigging and power infrastrcuture. Engineers conducted site visits and after reviewing several vanues, the best candidate for the professional video projection was the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard. LD Systems provided engineers, multiple Barco professional video projectors and Green Hippo media servers as well as EV sound system for the event. The location is the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA. Content by VISION Production Group.

LD Systems is recognized globally as an industry front runner providing the latest state of the art architectural professional video projection mapping solutions. The Earth Night — Lexus Hybrid launch celebration required fifteen 20K lumen projectors to create the 8,000 square foot image displayed on the surface of the famous Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard.

A combination of projected animation and sound cues provided the public with a powerful display of light, imagery and sonic accents that generated a plethora of excitement around the event location.

LD Systems is experienced working alongside city planners and event producers to provide a safe and effective production environment with quality results. We understand the use of professional video projection technology as a vital component to product marketing and continue to provide outstanding services to ensure the success of these types of spectacular events. Content by VISION Production Group.