Lollapalooza Festival
Chicago, IL

Project Description

LD Systems Rocks Again at Lollapalooza

What started as a touring music festival in 1991 has become a definitively unique music experience. Today, the iconic Lollapalooza takes place every summer in Chicago Illinois. The Grant Park festival site is located between the unforgettable city skyline and the shores of Lake Michigan. Thousands of music fans from all over the world take over Grant Park every summer as Lollapalooza continues to be a travel destination for live music lovers.

Our very own stage lighting team was hands on for pre-production using 3D software and real-time computer rendering to visualize, tweak and polish lighting plots. Each drawing is meticulously planned and verified before the first fixture is prepped in our lighting tech room. LD Systems continues to be a part of the music festival scene providing both pro audio and stage lighting services for multiple stages at the event.