North America’s Largest Fixed Mosaic Video Wall and
Interactive Touch Displays Merge Art and Information

The Baker Hughes Western Hemisphere Education Center is a Houston based cross-training facility designed to train Baker Hughes employees from all product lines. The Center primarily serves North America and Latin America regions, but welcomes attendees from the Europe/Africa/Russia Caspian and Middle East/Asia Pacific regions as well.

Using the latest LED screen and video distribution technology, LD Systems in conjunction with Vision Production Group designed a large video system installation creating a wall mosaic consisting of 24 screens and an interactive touch table surface in the building atrium. This unique video system installation provides a new way to deliver art, product line information, industry news, branding and provides endless possibilities for creative expression throughout the Education Center’s lobby area. The video wall is currently the largest fixed mosaic video screen in North America. A distributed lobby speaker system is integrated with the video wall to provide audio coverage.

The 16 foot long interactive touch table surface is an entirely self-contained module of touch display panels and audio speakers. The responsive glass surface enables users to input touch commands for software and display navigation. The touch screens seamlessly show the full Baker Hughes history, oil and gas industry events, and world events that have shaped our industry. When the timeline is disengaged, the table becomes an engineering design table showing the interworking pieces of many of Baker Hughes technologies providing another learning instrument within the center itself.