High End Systems Full Boar 4 and SolaSpots join the growing LD Systems Production Services Event Lighting Inventory

LD Systems recently acquired new lighting products from High End Systems to add to our massive line-up of cutting edge event and stage lighting gear. We have enjoyed working with High End Systems‘ equipment for many years and we are excited to offer these new lighting products to our clients.

The Full Boar 4 comes packed with the latest hardware features and the SolaSpot Pro 1000 has 16,000 lumen output, rotating Animation Gobo wheel and fixed Gobo wheel, fixed Color Wheel and CMY/CTO system, iris, frost and prism. SolaSpot Pro 1000 also includes specially designed optics, allowing sharp focus to be achieved throughout the entirety of the 11 to 45 degree zoom range and includes High End Systems’ patented thermal control software, while being whisper quiet.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or inquire about your production services needs.

High End Systems SolaSpot Pro 1000: