Talented Sales Engineers Who Assist Decision Makers

LD Systems is an AV company with decades of experience in Systems Integration and an equally experienced professional sales team that is able to provide expert advice and guidance throughout even the most complex Systems Integration projects. They will be your primary point of contact, providing a reliable resource for project knowledge and management.

Your Professional Sound-Light-Video Outlet

As direct dealers with access to all of the major professional sound, light and video products, LD Systems’ equipment sales department can meet all your equipment purchase and project procurement needs.

Our retail store distributes a multitude of audio visual equipment that we commonly use in our integrated environments such as mixing consoles, microphones, video projectors, lighting fixtures, and more. From cables to gobos, we cover the spectrum of products used in the sound, light and video industry.

Store Hours

M-F: 8:30am – 5:30pm

LD Systems offers professional sound light and video products from the following: